Our Lady, Mary, Mother of God, Mother to us all,
Beloved above all others by the Father,Son,Holy Spirit

She is the Tabernacle
          Where God became a Child.
            She is the great miracle
             Of God's Mighty Arm.
         She is the Father's Daughter,
              Mother of Jesus Christ,
             And by a great mystery,
           Temple of the Holy Spirit.

St. Louis de Montfort, Canticle #76
Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Mother Angelica followed the Marian Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort.
Consecration to Jesus Through Mary (
Ad Jesum per Mariam).  Renew daily with the words:

I belong entirely to you, dear Mother, and all that I have is yours!  (Totus Tuus, the motto of John Paul II)

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Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Mother Angelica,
Frank Duff ,founder of the Legion of Mary, Pages 2,3,4,5
Catherine Doherty, founder of Madonna House
(Note: the causes for canonization of Mother Teresa, Frank Duff and Catherine Doherty are moving ahead influenced by Montfort Marian Spirituality.)

Mother Teresa founder of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Angelica founder of EWTN-TV, Frank Duff founder of the Legion of Mary, Catherine de Hueck founder of Madonna House along with her husband Eddie Doherty author of  "Wisdom's Fool, A Biography of St. Louis de Montfort" published by Fr. Charest and Montfort Publications, and Jerry and Gwen Coniker, founders of Family Consecration.  Dick Sohm and Tony Mullen, co-founders of Friends of Our Lady  Apostolate, Page 2 , ourlady33

Articles from the Montfort Magazine, edited by Fr. Charest S.M.M.

++Mother Angelica of EWTN and ALL
Her Sisters Took the Montfort Consecration

++ Pope John Paul II  speaks about Montfort and Marian Spirituality in his life. PAGE 2

++Mother Teresa Writes the Pope
Seeking Title of Doctor for Montfort. 
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Letter on Montfort
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Miracles: Do Miracles Happen?  How Do I Pray For A Miracle?
  Many miracles are reported that are never investigated (about 40 each year at Lourdes alone.)   But there is plenty of scientific proof that miracles occur.  Most people do not receive the miracle they are looking for at Lourdes, but everyone receives the gift Our Lady offers to each pilgrim visiting Lourdes, that is her Son, Jesus Christ.   Almost every pilgrim goes away happy with this gift.   The Consecration  easily puts YOU in the presence of Our Lady every day.  But the Consecration has a 33 day preparation.  What can you do right this minute? 
Here is the prayer that immediately puts you  in the presence of the miracles at Lourdes! (Don't forget to say an act of perfect contrition first.)   And who wrote the Memorare?

Feast Day of
St. Louis de Montfort
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