Lay Organization Dedicated to the Montfort Consecration

The Apostolate, located at, dedicates its efforts to finding people interested in
taking the Montfort Consecration and then providing them with the free, 33 day preparation
package that includes a book published by Montfort Publications (Fr. Charest.)

This web site is focused on those who have already taken the Consecration and are living it each day.

The Consecration As a Way of Life

As Pope John II found out after reading and being converted by Montfort's
True Devotion,
Marian Spirituality is a way of life.  In his life, it helped lead him to Rome, the Papacy and the
addition of 5 new mysteries to the Rosary.  So it is with us.  The Consecration is only the first step.

One Day at a Time

It is no secret that Mother Angelica of EWTN fame, as well as Mother Teresa, followed the
Montfort Consecration. Likewise Frank Duff, the founder of the Legion of Mary, and Catherine de
Hueck Doherty, the foundress of Madonna House.  As with the Pope, it took these people a life
time with the Consecration, one day at a time, to accomplish their great deeds. Our purpose is to
supply you with stories such as these as well as  articles and books that enable your growth in the spiritual life, inspired by the Montfort Consecration.  The secret Pope John Paul II discovered as a seminarian:: to Jesus through Mary.